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Second Edition of Selling Cars In The Digital Age Released

June 27, 2013- The second edition of “Selling Cars in the Digital Age” is now available for sale. The popular book written by Brian Pasch, Glenn Pasch, Marc McGurren, and Ed Shaffer is designed to help car dealers improve their Internet lead handling processes. The second edition has been enhanced with new chapters on topics related to video sales communication and revised lead life-cycles for various staffing models.

Chapters in Second Edition


  • Who Is This Book For?
  • Getting Started
  • Redefining Job Descriptions To Create CRM Advocates

Creating the Foundation To Sell More Cars

  • Objectives: The Foundation of Success
  • Reviewing High-Performing Dealer Statistics
  • How Is Your Internet Department Structured?
  • Are Your Lead Handling Processes Documented?
  • Documenting Your Dealership
  • Setting Your New Benchmarks
  • Other Ways to Generate Sales Opportunities: 4-Tiered System
  • Embracing Technology and the Digital Consumer

Understanding Internet Leads In The Digital Age

  • Lead Sources Are Not Created Equal
  • Internet Lead Types

Understanding The Communication Style of Your Customer

  • The Four Styles of Communication
  • What Should You Do With This Knowledge
  • #1: Initial Response with Pricing
  • #2: Why Buy From Me?
  • #3: Manager Thank You

Building Opportunity Workflows

  • Effective Internet Lead Handling Workflows
  • The 5-4-3-2-1 Lead Handling Process
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Lead Handling Process Summary
  • 90-Day Lead Handling Process
  • How Long Are Consumers In-Market?
  • Drafting An Effective First Response
  • Key Elements of the Initial Response Email
  • Example of Initial Response Email
  • Video Responses To Sales Opportunities
  • Creating A Personalized Video For Every Lead
  • Phone Scripts and Processes That Drive Appointments
  • Live Chat

Key Elements of Successful Internet Departments

  • Key Elements For Success

How To Train Your Team For Success

  • The 8-Step Coaching Process: How To Make Change Stick
  • Getting Results and Accountability
  • Prioritizing Your Next Steps

Dealers Case Study Examples

  • Toyota Dealer in Pennsylvania
  • Automotive Group in Texas

Where To Go From Here?

  • Generating More Traffic and Leads
  • Digital Marketing Checklist
  • Online Automotive Digital Marketing
  • TrainingSources
  • Industry Websites For Further Education